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レスイチ's service is ok!

This is different! レスイチ3 features

Free time

レスイチ allows you to freely decide the time of lessons in consultation with your personal trainer. One lesson is as simple as 60 minutes, and there is no limit to the number of times. You can take as many lessons as you like, when you want.

Private lesson

With レスイチ, active professionals will be your personal trainer. Unlike group lessons, we offer one-on-one private lessons that are personalized to your needs.

Beginner OK

Personal trainers registered for レスイチ try to take polite lessons. We recommend that you go to the classroom from the beginning to avoid getting strange habits.

Online lessons

If you have an internet environment, you can take lessons online.topYou can enjoy it anywhere. Choose your favorite personal trainer lesson.

Face-to-face lesson

You can also take private lessons face-to-face using the rental space. Recommended for those who want to know in detail details that cannot be understood online.

Visit lesson

A nearby personal trainer will visit your designated location. Recommended for those who want to know the details that cannot be understood online but cannot go out.

What kind of person is the trainer?

Please be assured that all personal trainers registered with レスイチ have passed the interviews and examinations.

60 minute private lesson for personal trainers who have passed the screening

How much is the lesson fee?

My daughter was kicked out of the classroom

Hello. I’m Tomiyoshi, the representative of レスイチ. One day, my daughter and I went to a trial lesson in a certain classroom. Although it was far away, it was not a pain to move while thinking of my daughter’s enjoyment. My daughter seemed to be a little nervous but excited. That would be such a thing …

Arrived in the classroom and started the lesson. It is an experience mixed with a large number of students. Apparently, they are all veteran students, and the trial lessons are only for their daughters. Tomadou daughter. The teacher doesn’t seem to care. The lesson goes on with my daughter left behind. I couldn’t see it, and I was giving advice to my daughter and my daughter while giving consideration to my surroundings. The situation caught the teacher’s eyes and was told, “Please go out because private language is prohibited,” and my daughter and I were expelled from the classroom. It was only about 15 minutes after the lesson started. It turned out to be a sad day.

Certainly I was the one who broke the rule of banning private language. But I couldn’t leave it when I thought of my daughter who had been waiting for this day. I wanted my confused daughter to speak to me from the teacher. When I thought about my daughter who was looking forward to this day, I felt sad. I will never forget this experience. From such an experience, I launched レスイチ, a completely private lesson. I don’t want you to feel sad like my daughter and I. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the lessons.

レスイチ CEO

Harutaka Tomiyoshi

Introduced in a magazine.

Evaluation of レスイチ's students

Frequently asked questions in the classroom

Yes. No problem at all. It’s best to have fun.
That’s not true. It is a trial lesson to check compatibility with a personal trainer, so if it does not match, there is no problem even if you do not join.
At レスイチ, you can chat directly with your personal trainer before the lesson. It’s okay if you ask your personal trainer if you have any concerns or uncertainties, as well as checking what you need. In addition, you will not be forced to buy expensive teaching materials after joining. Please be assured.
There are no penalties or other costs associated with withdrawal. Also, since you can unsubscribe with the touch of a button, there is no need to send a withdrawal notice to the teacher, which is difficult to say.
If you have a personal trainer that can handle it, you can change it.
Credit card payment is possible. In addition, all your payment information is encrypted and protected by SSL communication. Please be assured.

3-step application

① Apply

Select a personal trainer and apply.

② Consultation

Discuss the date and time with your personal trainer.

③ Trial

Take a trial lesson. Membership is optional.

レスイチ's Lesson list