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Have you ever had these thoughts during class?

I can’t withdraw when I want, the process for withdrawing is too much work.
The school requires too expensive of materials and textbooks.
I don’t like having mandatory recitals and events.
Dealing with the other people in class is too bothersome.
The schedule doesn’t fit with mine, it’s too strict.
My learning pace does not match my classmates.

With Lesson Market, you don’t have to worry about any of these things!

Here is how Lesson Market differs

Learn anytime​​​​

With Lesson Market, you and your teacher decide a lesson time together. Lessons are 60 minutes long, and the lesson frequency is up to you.

Private Lessons

At Lesson Market, a professional in the field will be your instructor. Unlike group lessons, you will be able to receive one-on-one instruction under a teacher that will be able to cater to your needs.

Beginners welcome

Students may sometimes be intimidated by their teacher. No need! At Lesson Market, your instructor will create a friendly teaching atmosphere. In addition, in order to avoid creating bad habits, attending in-person lessons in the beginning is recommended.

There are 3 lesson types you can choose from

Online Lessons

If you have internet, you’re able to do online lessons. Regardless of where you are, you will able to enjoy online lessons and pick whoever you like as your teacher.

In-person Lessons

In-person Lessons

In-person lessons at a rental studio are also possible. For those who are interested in learning small details that may be difficult to learn online, this is recommended.

In-home Lessons

In-home Lessons

A teacher near your will conduct the lesson in your home. For those who are interested in learning small details that may be difficult to learn online, and for those who prefer to stay at home, this is recomennded.

What kind of teachers are available?

Every teacher that is registered to Lesson Market goes through an interview and review and are all qualified.

I will be your teacher!

Gustavo Eiriz

Gustavo Eiriz

Position: online
Categories: Guitar
Location: Online
One Lesson (60min.)$34
Trial Lesson (60min.)$10 ※72% Off
Registration Fee$50Free

Hi there. I am professional musician born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Viola Player in a Opera House´s Symphony Orchestra in Buenos Aires. I have also studied Classical Guitar, Violin, Piano, Composition and Orchestral Conducting in my country`s national conservatory. But.. I am mostly a popular music player, and I love Pop/Rock music. Even when I have a very fast sightseeing sheet music skills, i think that for playing popular music is by far more important developing the intuition, as a main criteria for choosing what to do. Speaking about Popular music; I play Rock, Pop, Ballads and Blues. I also compose and arrange for groups of such music. I have toured all around the world playing music, as a guitar player and arranger, and also as a Violin player. I have many years of experience on teaching to students, and i think the most important thing is to be flexible to be able to see what the student really needs to develope his art. Thank you very much for reading. Hola a todos. Soy un músico profesional nacido en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy violista en la Orquesta Sinfónica de un Teatro de Ópera en Buenos Aires. También he estudiado guitarra clásica, violín, piano, composición y dirección orquestal en el conservatorio nacional de mi país. Pero… soy principalmente un intérprete de música popular, y me encanta la música Pop/Rock. Aun cuando tengo una habilidad muy destacada para tocar partituras, creo que para tocar música popular es mucho más importante desarrollar la intuición, como criterio principal para elegir qué hacer. Hablando de música popular; toco Rock, Pop, Baladas y Blues. También compongo y hago arreglos para grupos de este tipo de música. He realizado giras por todo el mundo tocando música, como guitarrista y arreglador, y también como violinista. Tengo muchos años de experiencia en enseñar y considero que lo mas importante es amoldarse a las necesidades de cada alumno. Muchas gracias por leer.



In-person Lesson Location

In-person Lesson Location

Lesson Market does not provide or own studios. Venue/Studio fees are not included in your course fees.

Harutaka Tomiyoshi
About Our School

My daughter was kicked out of the classroom.

Hello, I am the representative for Lesson Market, Tomiyoshi. One day, I went to a certain school with my daughter to take a trial lesson. It was a long trip, but whenever I remember how excited my daughter was, I did not mind the trip at all. My daughter seemed to be nervous, but also very excited. Despite that, I did not think *that* would happen…

We arrived to the classroom, and class starts. It was a classroom filled with many students. It seemed like all the other students were experienced, and my daughter was the only one who was new. My daughter gets flustered. The teacher did not seem like they would pay any attention to my daugther, so the lesson continued while she fell behind. I could not bear to watch that, so I would help my daughter by whispering to her some advice while also being considerate of my surroundings. The teacher saw that, and told us “Whispering is not allowed, please leave”, and thus we were kicked out of the classroom.

I acknowledge that I broke the no-whispering rule. However, whenever I think of how much my daughter was looking forward to this day, I could not let this go. I wanted the teacher to give some attention to my daughter. Whenever I think of my daughter who was so looking forward to this day, I am overcome with sadness. I will not forget this experience. From this experience, I started Lesson Market, where you can have completely private lessons. I will not let you have a sad experience like my daughter did. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you will enjoy your lessons.

Harutaka Tomiyoshi Signature

Introduced in the magazine CLASSY


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Can I take the class even if I’m just doing as a hobby?

Yes, of course! Our goal is for our students to have fun and enjoy the class.

If I take a trial lesson, am I obligated to join the class officially?

Not at all. The point of the trial lesson is to see if the teacher is the right fit for you. If you find that you don’t click with the teacher and don’t join, that is ok.

I am not sure what materials I will need for lessons.

At Lesson Market, you will be able to directly chat with your teacher. You can ask them any questions, including what materials you may need, any concerns you have, etc. Don’t worry, they won’t force you to buy anything expensive.

If I decide to withdraw from lessons, will there be a charge?

If you decide to withdraw from lessons, there will be no charge or fees. You may cancel anytime with a click of a button.

Is it possible to switch instructors mid-way?

If an instructor that fits your needs is available, you may switch instructors.

What app can I use for online classes?

There is a Lesson Market app. App Download → Android / iOS

What kind of payment methods are available?

Payments will be made through credit-card. All information will have an SSL, and private information such as passwords are protected, so you will not have to worry about privacy.


It takes only 1 minute to apply!

Get your computer, pick your teacher, and then your trial lesson application will be complete.


It takes only 1 minute to apply!

Get your tablet, pick your teacher, and then your trial lesson application will be complete.


It takes only 1 minute to apply!

Get your smartphone, pick your teacher, and then your trial lesson application will be complete.