We are Hiring Violin Teachers

Turn Your Skills Into a Job

We are Hiring Violin Teachers

As a Violin instructor, have you ever had these problems?

You have come to the right place! Here is how Lesson Market differs

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You set your own rates

Have you ever felt dissasitfised with the pay for violin teachers? At Lesson Market, teachers set their own rates with no limits. You can set the rate you deserve.

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You set your own schedule

Lesson Market does not set a schedule for you. For your violin lessons, you create your own schedule that suits you and your students. That way, you can create a schedule that balances with your other jobs.

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You work where you want

With Lesson Market, you can have violin lessons in your own home. If you’re not able to have them at home, you can carry out lessons by renting out a studio.

Here is the Violin Lesson Registration step-by-step process

Recruit Interview

Interview and Review

On an online platform, we will interview you regarding teaching violin lessons and explain how the website works.

In Person Violin Lesson

Carrying out the Lesson

After you register, you can decide on the violin lesson time with your students and then carry out the lesson.



Violin teachers will receive payment from lessons on the 15th of the following month via bank deposit transfer.

We are looking for violin teachers! Why don’t you come join us?

The process is quick and simple! You can sign up for violin lessons with the click of a button.

FAQ Among Violin Teachers

Yes, you can work here while concurrently holding other jobs. For example, if you have your own private violin studio, you will not have to stop that in order to do lessons with Lesson Market.

After discussing and confirming with your students, you may take a long-term vacation. As long as you have carried out any already payed-for lessons, you may rescind anytime.

There are no fees. Registration is free, and you decide your own rates.

You will be payed on the following month on the 10th via bank direct transfer. Depending on the bank, it may arrive on the following business day.

In order to maintain the quality of our service, we will only accept professional violin teachers. The definition of professional may vary sometimes depending on the genre, so please judge for yourself based on your achievements.

After your interview and review, we will have you register and make a profile. After a student applies and sends a request, you will be able to chat with them and discuss violin lesson times and related matters, and then carry out the lesson. The lesson curriculum is up to you.

No, Lesson Market does not own or provide any studios. Lessons will be carried out either at your own home, a rental studio, the student’s home, or online.

Most students are beginner adults.

It varies among teachers, so it depends. Some teachers have 2-3 students, some have over 30. Depending on the impression your profile gives and your rates, it may differ.

Turn Your Skills Into a Job

We are Hiring Violin Teachers

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